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PEERS Annual Report 2010

Your work is an ongoing source of inspiration to me and my networks. I think your website is the best website on the internet, a truth I often speak when I have the opportunity. Thank you and your group for your courage, your leadership, and your service to humanity.  
  ~~  Andrew H. regarding on 6/29/2010

PEERS (Public Education and Empowerment Resource Service) was officially incorporated in January 2006 as a nonprofit umbrella organization for the 11 websites now under its management. As of the end of 2010, PEERS has been building community and providing inspiration and education free of charge to many millions of interested people around the globe for five years.

Interest in and appreciation of our websites and email lists continues to grow. The number of subscribers to our two email lists passed the 10,000 mark this year. Hundreds of people sent emails expressing gratitude for our work. And with a total volume in 2010 of 2.3 million visits to our websites – a remarkable increase of 40% over 2009 – and with visitors from over 200 countries, the empowering work of PEERS is educating and inspiring ever more people around the world.

"Your emails are spreading so much light and love around the world. I don't know how I got on the mailing list, but it's one of the greatest gifts the universe has ever surprised me with! Keep up the GREAT work!" – Laura in email to PEERS, Nov. 4, 2010

PEERS Finances

PEERS had a total income of $32,920 in 2010, a 23% increase from $26,689 in 2009. All but 5% of this came in the form of donations from generous supporters. The number of individuals making monthly contributions increased nearly 70% to 62 in 2010, and over 300 caring individuals made one or more donations during the year. Considering the number of people who are financially challenged, we're most pleased and grateful for the continued outpouring of support.

Our total expenses for the year were $27,696, up 18% from 2009. There was a good reason for this increase. After volunteering full time on the PEERS websites for seven years and donating over $25,000 of his own limited funds, PEERS income finally justified compensating Executive Director Fred Burks at $1,000 per month for the first time in 2010.

Even with this extra expense, PEERS ended up in the black over $5,000 for the year. We are quite pleasantly surprised that PEERS actually ended the year with $23,598 in the bank, up from $18,374 in 2009. This may be enough for the board to approve an increase in compensation to Fred for his continued dedication and hard work.

Our two major expenses last year were $11,000 to Fred, and $11,075 for Tod's high quality weekly news summaries. Another $2,685 went to our web wizard Andrey for his most excellent technical support. The remaining $2,935 went to Internet expenses, software, books and DVDs, supplies, insurance, and more for running the websites and nonprofit organization.

To see the QuickBooks form listing profit and loss figures for PEERS in 2010, click here. For profit and loss since inception, click here. For our balance sheet as of the end of 2010, click here.

The statements at the above links were prepared without official audit of our books and records, though they have been carefully reviewed by Executive Director Fred Burks and were examined and certified by Treasurer John Lumiere-Wins. PEERS had no liabilities at the end of the year. All donations were unrestricted. We had a net gain last year of $5,224. We are extremely grateful to all of our caring supporters who made this possible, especially in these challenging times.

The Personal Growth Courses

The average number of registered people journeying through one of our four empowering online courses at any time is about 100, though many of these don't finish. 40 registered people completed one of our courses last year – an increase of 10 from last year – with over 30 of those having gone through the Transformation Course. From email and website statistics, we know that roughly as many unregistered individuals complete a course, as registration is not required. Almost everyone who has completed a course has given glowing reviews and often significant donations.

All four of our courses provide a rich variety of deeply inspiring and educational materials. Even though not many are taking them now, we are hopeful that these heart and mind expanding courses may become more popular some day. Those who complete one of the courses can join in the many engaging conversations of over 200 caring individuals who are now members of our beautiful community networking portal at

"In the beginning I was a little skeptical about whether this or any course could be of great value at this point in my life. Yet the Transformation Course was exceptionally well written – informative, thought enhancing, powerful, inspirational, with life changing messages. I have completed several other courses and six years of college. This course is the best and most valuable course I have ever taken. Thank you Transformation Team for changing my life!!!"
   – William E., June 24, 2010 on final evaluation of the Transformation Course

Growing Interest in Videos on Personal Growth Courses Website

We now have over 100 of the most inspiring along with the most powerfully educational videos available on the Internet posted on our Personal Growth Courses website. The inspiration and education video sections are separate, though there is also a link between them.

Because of the very high quality of the videos, the Personal Growth Courses website averaged over 1,500 views per day for the year. Three of the videos averaged over 100 views a day. We received many emails and messages of gratitude for one or more of these videos. Because of these videos, the website is currently ranked around 275,000 out of roughly 200 million websites worldwide, second only (ranked about 125,000) of the PEERS websites.

Other PEERS Websites

The total number of visits to the PEERS websites was up a remarkable 40% from 1.6 million in 2009 to 2.3 million in 2010. The total number of page views for the year was around 4 million. That's an amazing average of over 10,000 page views per day! We are clearly reaching a very large audience and having a powerful impact in educating and inspiring people around the world. continues to be the most popular PEERS website with a record 1.5 million visits and over 2.5 million page views, both up around 25% from 2009. And our subscriber lists continue to grow. The list now has more than 8,800 subscribers, and the Inspiration and Education list over 2,100 subscribers from over 120 countries around the world.

We continue to get lots of supportive and grateful feedback on our websites, email lists, and online courses. Here are just a few of the wonderful emails we received this year. Literally a couple dozen emails of this caliber came in last year.

"I just wanted to say that your website ( is simply the best – clear, inspiring, and simple. Most importantly, you miss all the fear mongering. You blend the simple truth with the message of unconditional love, care, and acceptance. 1,000 thank you's. I wish you every possible success." – Dom L. on July 12, 2010"

"Awesome course!! Best I have ever taken by a long shot." – Jeff S. on completing the Insight Course, May 8, 2010

"I am just blown away by all the material presented in this course, and by how much it has transformed me into a better, more caring, more understanding person. I feel so blessed to have found this course and to have taken the time to go through all the lessons. I am thankful to all who have spent their time putting this material together." – Tod G. on Transformation Course, July 13, 2010

Our world is rapidly changing and transforming with each passing year. People are waking up around the globe and wanting to make a difference. The banking manipulations and economic crisis have opened the eyes of many people to deeper, previously hidden levels of what is happening in our world. And people all over seem to be awakening to deeper spiritual realities and to our common humanity. It's an exciting time to be alive!

We believe that PEERS is at the forefront of a grand movement to transform our world into a more caring and loving place for all people to live. Thanks so much to all involved with PEERS for your invaluable support in this most noble endeavor.

As a seeker of knowledge I have subscribed to many websites. I am often overwhelmed. Since I have started receiving 'WantToKnow', I can justify canceling many other websites. Your information is the greatest. My highest regards to Mr. Fred Burks and your information team. A finer job could not be done by anyone. Thank you for your contribution to life on planet earth.
   ~~  Frank S. on 12/24/2010

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PEERS 2010 Annual Report
Compiled and Written By
Fred Burks
PEERS Executive Director

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