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Welcome and Introduction to the PEERS Online Community Forums

PEERS is honored to manage four online community forums which cultivate community and transformation through inspiration and education in a variety of ways. The PEERS online community forums give our many readers, subscribers, and supporters from around the globe the opportunity to connect and interact with each other in meaningful ways.

The PEERS online forums are a place for sharing and exchanging thoughts, ideas, and information on how we can work together to support love and empowerment and create a brighter future for us all. Two of these are public, one is largely private, and another is available for public viewing, but only graduates of one of the free online PEERS courses can post and comment there. Subscribers Forum: The subscribers forum is designed for the thousands of subscribers to our list to find and communicate with each other. Only subscribers can sign up and access this section of our website. Included are a member map, where members can find and connect with those who live near them, a chat room, and forums to find and post information of interest to community members. Readers Forum: The public forum focuses largely on sharing information related to all that is being hidden, suppressed, and manipulated in our world, though the sections on humor and inspiration there are also popular. Anyone can join and post to this forum by clicking on the "Create new account" link in the left column of the forum. You are invited to explore and sign up.

Gathering Spot: This forum, active since 2007, has thousands of intriguing posts on a wide variety of transformational topics. Though open for public reading, only individuals who have completed on of the free online PEERS courses can post and comment there. These courses have gotten rave reviews from almost all who completed one. It may well be worth your time to consider taking one.

PEERS Readers Forum: This forum is focused largely on sharing inspiration and personal growth. It was designed for readers of our Moment of Love, Global Community for All, and Web of Love websites. Anyone can join and post to this forum by clicking on the "Create new account" link in the left column of the forum.

If you sign up for one of our public forums, please note that you are requested to abide by the community forum guidelines. This is to prevent some of the strongly negative and attacking behavior which frequently occurs in other public forums. Those who do not follow the guidelines will have their posting privileges removed.

Empowering global transformation is the great challenge of our time as we move forward in this new millennium. We are excited to join with you and many other individuals and organizations in meeting this challenge, as we spread ever more love, inspiration, and education both in our personal lives and in our world.

We know well that the more people who work together to educate the public on the forces that shape our world and to inspire and empower all of us to be the best we can be, the better chance we have of building a brighter future for all. Thank you for joining in these wild and exciting times. May you have an enjoyable and meaningful time connecting and sharing information and inspiration with like-minded souls in one of our engaging forums.

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